St. Paul Gives Away Christmas Collection

As promised, St. Paul Community United Methodist Church is giving away the $4,294 collected taken during the most attended worship service of the year.
Instead of using the money to fund church operations, one hundred percent of the money received in the Christmas Offering will be used to help people in need.
“We are dividing the money with a third going to NEEDS (NorthEast Emergency Distribution Services) food pantry, a third for The INN at St. Paul refugee ministry. The final third will be given to other needs that we will determine at our upcoming missions retreat,” said Alice Neely of the St. Paul Missions Team.
St. Paul has a long history of support for NEEDS which serves residents in the community around the church.
Last year St. Paul launched the INN at St. Paul refugee ministry, renovating a house the church already owned and offering it to a family of refugees. In October, with the approval of the United States of America Department of State and the help of Catholic Social Services, a family of eight moved into The INN from a refugee camp in Ethiopia.
“I’m so proud of St. Paul,” said Senior Pastor David Wells. “Money is always tight in a church but our leaders have chosen to take the offering from our biggest service, and give it away to help others.”
While Christmas has already past, it’s not too late to contribute to the special offering. You can give online or send a check marked “2018 Christmas Offering” to the church at 8221 Miami Road in Cincinnati, 45243.
Learn more about NEEDS and the INN at St. Paul on our website.  Follow along with the work of The INN at St. Paul by signing up for our email list and making sure you’ve marked this ministry under the “interests” section.