Be Part of the Easter Virtual Choir

This year we are inviting everyone to be part of the choir for our Easter service. No matter where you live or where you will be on April 4 you can add your voice to this special group.

How it works

Our Worship Director, Danny Frank, has posted the music for the song Easter Day Alleluia here. Also you can find recordings of our scholarship singers singing each part here. Print out the music, practice with the video and when you’re ready make a recording. Recordings from all of our members will be edited together to form our virtual choir.

How to participate

When you are ready to make a recording you will need two devices. One to play the guide track and one to record.

Using one device and a pair of headphones, play the guide track for the part you want to sing.

Using a second device, make a video recording of you singing. If you can, take the video up and down (portrait orientation). Do your best but don’t worry how you might sound – remember these aren’t solos, you will be part of a choir! Feel free to dress up, put on your favorite Easter outfit, or show off your favorite Easter decoration behind you.

Email your recording to Danny Frank by March 24. We will take care of the rest!

If you would like to be part of the choir but don’t want to mess with making a recording, contact Danny and he can arrange for you to be recorded.