Know anyone who could use a DVD of our worship?

With worship happening only online we recognize that some in the St. Paul Family may not be able to worship with us due to technical issues. We want to help overcome that if possible. Would you or someone you know like to receive DVD copies of the worship service? Do you have another idea for how you might access the service? Please send your ideas and requests to Pastor Brian (

St. Paul Welcomes Lynnette Kline to Staff as Administrative Treasurer

The Staff Perish Relations Committee is pleased to announce that Lynnette Kline is joining the St. Paul staff as Administrative Treasurer. Read on to learn more about Lynnette and this position.

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I Love the Church!

     I love the church. I have fond memories of running through the hallways (and being told by my mother to slow down). I recall lighting the candles as an acolyte and spending the night in the fellowship hall for a youth lock-in.

St. Paul Celebrates Graduates

Scripture Reading for May 24 – May 30

May 24—Day 1:   2 Chronicles 10, 1,, 12

May 25—Day 2:  2 Chronicles 13, 14, 15      

May 26—Day 3:  2 Chronicles 16, 17, 18; Psalm 85

May 27—Day 4:  2 Chronicles 19, 20, 21

May 28—Day 5:  2 Chronicles 22, 23, 24

May 29—Day 6:  2 Chronicles 25, 26; Psalm 86, 87

May 30—Day 7:  2 Chronicles 27, 28; Psalm 88


SPC Kids @Home – Jesus knows us like a shepherd knows sheep (that’s really well!)

Jesus knows us as well as a shepherd knows their sheep. (In case you don’t know much about shepherds… that’s really, really well!) Kids and families read on to learn why this matters and how it allows us to know others.

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