More than Service Hours – Community Service Sunday a Success

How many friends does it take to turn thousands of used plastic shopping bags into sleeping mats? In this case, 61 completing more than 122 service hours.
Everyone gathered for Community Service Sunday, an opportunity to serve others, earn service hours, and get to know our neighbors.  In just two hours, volunteers turned thousands of plastic bags into “plarn” or plastic yarn.

Everyone helped

Children as young as 3 joined older kids, students, and adults in the process.  “Even the little ones can flatten the bags,” said Lucille Converse. “There is something for everyone to do.”
While there were more than two dozen members of St. Paul who served, the majority of the volunteers were from the wider community. Members of the Bear Den of Pack 189 came to serve and completed a requirement for their next rank. Parents brought their children and served together. Older students came on their own because they were interested in the cause. Some of the adults had wanted to complete a project like this and found the event through Facebook. (See pictures on our Facebook page.)

Students from across the area come to make a difference

Brian Gath.  “If you just think of the different school districts represented, I know there are students from Madeira City, Indian Hill, Sycamore Community, Deer Park City, and several Catholic schools.”
Kelly Getsay, “When you talk to them, you realize that they chose this project because they know it is making a difference for people in need.”

Not done yet

Volunteers made great progress making plarn and starting to crochet the mats.  Before the mats are distributed, community members will need to make the rest of the plarn and  complete the knitting and crocheting.
join our mailing list and be sure to check “Service Hour Opportunities” under interests. If you are willing to knit or crochet the plarn into mats please contact Pastor Brian.