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When they threatened to take away my son

“[Do] not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the sojourner, or the poor, and let none of you devise evil against another in your heart” (Zechariah 7:10, ESV).

During worship at St. Paul Community yesterday, I shared a brief experience my family had in 1999. My youngest son, Garrett, and I traveled with some friends to Lakeside, Ohio for our conference’s annual meeting. Later that Sunday evening, I was notified that my wife, Cathy, was taken to a Central Ohio hospital with atrial fibrillation. My father and mother had also traveled to Lakeside for Annual Conference, so I asked Dad if I could borrow his car to return home to be by Cathy’s side.


Can love and hate co-exist?

Recently, I was read in to a conversation between a husband and wife. During a gathering at the home of the wife’s father and mother, a few coarse words were spoken.


What should we do about guns?

I have steered clear from the debate on gun control for most of my ministry career.  My reason for doing so lies with the ambivalent stance that the Scriptures have on the use of violence.  The Old Testament is filled with stories of Israel waging war against its enemies.  In many cases, God grants His people permission to engage in battle, if not to give them a direct command to take such action.


A Labor or Love

My mother was an extreme example of love for my brother and me.  Mom was a teacher.

However, Mom sacrificed her time as a professional educator to raise her two sons.  For the better part of eighteen years, our mother took us to school when it rained, she prepared our food when we came home for lunch, and she checked our homework before we went to bed each night.  Yet, by taking herself out of the classroom, she forfeited any opportunity to advance her career.


Shepherds one of the original Dirty Jobs

On Christmas Eve morning I’ll be preaching a message called The REAL Christmas Story: A Story for Everyone. Every year when I read the Christmas story, I’m amazed that means by which God chose to save the world.  Perhaps more amazing is how God choose to announce the plan.  God didn’t come to the religious leaders or the political leaders.  God didn’t go to the business tycoons.  God sent the angels to the shepherds.


which box will you be spending your time in between now and christmas

There aren’t many days left before Christmas but, if you are like me, you’ve lots to accomplish.  The way you choose to spend your time is going to impact your Christmas.