St. Paul Receives Digital Media Grant from United Methodist Church

St. Paul received news this week that its application for a digital media grant from United Methodist Communications has been approved.  The grant will provide church staff from the denomination’s senior social media specialist, Renee McNeil, a paid ad pointing people toward an upcoming October outreach event, and a library of professional templates to help the church publish content for the Facebook and Instagram feeds.
“I am very excited by this news,” said Associate Pastor Brian Gath.  “Last spring, Donna Casey saw the grant opportunity in a newsletter about the same time that I heard about it on a podcast.  We decided to go for it.”
The church has had an online presence through its website for many years and has been on Facebook for more than six.  Instagram was added in the last year.  “We have these tools and we have worked very hard over the last two years to make the most of them.  We are looking forward to having some coaching to help us improve how we use them,” said Rev. Gath.