Already Seen

     When reading the Old Testament, I often feel like a goldfish in a bowl swimming in a circle. It seems as if I am drifting past the same scenery repeatedly. It’s déjà vu all over, again. Read more…

Whom Will You Trust?

     Many stories are told in the Old Testament that lead readers to scratch their heads. One of these confounding tales is recorded in First Chronicles, chapter twenty-one. King David commanded Joab to take a census of Israel. The act was viewed by God as an affront. Ultimately, 70,000 Israelite’s lost their lives because of David’s sin.

EXTRA-ordinary Folks

     Both of my grandfathers were railroad workers. Each man lived in cities where steel was king. Clarence and Roy were markedly different from one another yet had one thing in common. They were ordinary laborers. Read more…

Thank God for What Was

     The first nine chapters of First Chronicles lists several generations beginning with Adam and concluding in the early sixth century B.C. Genealogies can be boring unless the genealogy happens to list your family. The more personal a document is, the more interesting it becomes. Read more…

Hear Our Prayer

     Why are some prayers answered while others are not? This is a question I hear all too frequently. The question is somewhat misleading. The Scriptures claim that God responds to every prayer. The problem is that God’s answer isn’t always in keeping with our greatest hopes.

Learn from the Mistakes of Others

     Elijah was the kind of person who easily got under the skin of those in power. The king of Israel was no exception. Ahaziah dispatched a platoon of soldiers to arrest Elijah as an act of vengeance. Elijah was discovered sitting alone atop a hillside. Elijah was outmanned by a ratio of fifty to one. This doesn’t imply that Elijah was outgunned. Elijah held the high ground, which in military stratagem offers a peak advantage. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)