Day 10 – 14 Day Love Challenge

Ruthie is our Peek-a-Poo. She is blind and deaf. Cathy and I carry her outside and stand over her as she conducts her business. Ruthie’s inability to see and hear make her vulnerable to the dangers around her. Yet she has learned that the ones who love her never leave her side.
The Scriptures declare that God acts in a similar way:
“The Lord will protect you on your journeys—whether going or coming—
from now until forever from now” (Psalm 121:8, CEB).
The past five months have left many of us feeling vulnerable. Change has come upon us rapidly. The world around us is confusing. The future is unclear. Life is more uncertain.
Yet what a comfort it is that, like my puppy, each of us has One standing watch over us. The very One who promises to protect us “from now until forever from now.”
Take the next few moments and close your eyes. Imagine Jesus standing nearby, watching over you. Ask him to reassure you that he will never depart from your side. (Five minutes.)
Now, ask God to place the image of someone in your mind who, like you, may be struggling during these confusing and uncertain times. Reach out to this person and share with them the promises of Psalm 121:8 above.`