You Belong Here

      As I was reading the better part of chapters twenty-four through thirty-one last week, I must admit that I was tempted to doze off. God methodically instructs Moses how to build the Tabernacle that would become God’s home among the people of Israel. The divine blueprint goes into meticulous detail. The dimensions are precise. The materials are carefully chosen. The furnishings are properly placed. No feature of the structure is overlooked.
But, why?
     Why was God so particular about His dwelling? I suppose for the same reason anyone builds a new home. Nesting. A new home demands that every inch has our imprint on it. Every curtain must be hung at the right height. Every dish and glass must have their rightful places. The furnishings and décor must match. If God was going to make His presence permanent among the Israelites, God wanted to make the domicile His own. The decisions God made were a way of saying, “I’m here to stay.”
     I find God’s decision amazing given Israel’s antics. The Israelites had tested God’s patience over and again. God cited them as a stubborn lot. Yet God affirmed His intention to remain with them.  
     Years after the creation of the Tabernacle, Moses told the second generation of Israel, “The Lord CHOSE your ancestors as the objects of his love” (Deuteronomy 10:15, NLT). To choose means to tether or bind. What the people of Israel heard was that God binds Himself to His people.
     Personally, I am grateful for the binding nature of God’s love. I am certain my own antics often displease God. Not every thought I carry is noble. Not every word I speak is gracious. Not every motive I have is pure. Frankly, God has every right to walk of the house and leave me be.
     Thank goodness God chooses me based on His character and not mine. Thanks be to God that all of us are the objects of His love. If it were not for grace we would have long since become orphans.
Grace and Peace,
Pastor David