You Are Included

     Why do I believe the Church is of God? Because the Church has gone through crisis after crisis for over two thousand years and is still standing today. One such crisis the Church faced is found in Acts 10-11. It is the crisis of what to do with the gentiles. Let’s look at some history to understand the problem.

Come, Join the Barnabas Club!

     In Acts 4:36-37 we are introduced to an amazing man, Barnabas. He is mentioned some twenty times in the Acts of the Apostles. Luke cites Barnabas as a role model of the believers. Barnabas had on his resume’ that he was a Levite and was from Cyprus. Levites were descendants of the tribe of Levi. They assisted and served the Priesthood in the sanctuary, distributed the tithes to the needy and taught and interpreted the verdicts of the law. Barnabas was related to the author of the gospel of Mark. John Mark was his cousin. Read more…

Coronavirus Updates

As our community begins to open up, St. Paul will continue to adjust how we operate in order to maximize ministry while doing everything we can to keep our members, staff, and neighbors safe.  Read on for the latest including the limited opening of our office beginning May 19.

SPC Kids @home – Jesus is wonderful. Expect good things from him!

The SPC Kids ministry takes a look this week at the story of Jesus healing a man who can’t hear and can’t speak. Jesus does something wonderful! Take a look.

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SPC Kids @Home – God Cares About our Details

This SPC Kids @Home lesson reminds us that God takes care of even the sparrows in the fields and that God loves us even more. Because God cares about our details, we can care about others.

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SPC Kids @Home – Depending on Jesus

This SPC Kids @Home lesson uses the story of Jesus healing Jairous’ daughter to remind us that Jesus is dependable. Find a couple of great videos here plus the Dig In flyer to help parents extend the lesson throughout the week.

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