Daily Devotional Sept. 15, 2022

“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.”

(John 14:13-14, ESV).


     I’m not one for vending machines. I question how long a package of Twinkies has been sitting idle. Although I’m told that Twinkies are one of the few foods that can survive a nuclear holocaust.

     I am intrigued, however, by the variety of vending machines that are available. With the press of a button, you can indulge in a helping of mashed potatoes. Gravy is optional. For women whose feet are aching from high heels, a set of comfortable shoes can be purchased to ease the pain. Just be wary that you may be pressed into purchasing two or three pairs before finding one that actually fits. There even is a machine that dispenses hair extensions. Who needs a salon when you can adorn your head with a coiffure from a coin-operated automat?

     We live in a world designed to gratify our desires instantly. When we want something we want it now. Sadly, this attitude seeps into our spiritual lives. We view God as a divine vending machine. We pray and expect the answer or solution will pop out.

     Yet in the passage above, Jesus was not espousing a “bind my name to anything you ask and I’ll do it” vending-machine prayer. Instead, to make a request in Jesus’ name is to ask accordingly with what Jesus has revealed to us about his character. Jesus requests that when we align our will with that of Jesus, we will receive the true desires of our hearts. Rather than changing God’s mind, the message is that our prayers have the power to change us.

      Arrogance can prompt us to believe that we are smarter than God and know what’s best for us. As humans, we tend to lean into a human direction. Yet what we want at any given time may not be what’s good for us. This is why Jesus encourages us to pray that whatever we ask for in Jesus’ name is in keeping with God’s desire to provide us with what is most beneficial.

     Therefore, the next time you stand in front of a vending machine, do not hesitate to seek God’s direction. Doing so may keep you from pulling your hair extensions out.