How Resplendent are the Works of Your Hands

     Earlier this week, I wrote a psalm for a project I had been asked to pursue. The psalm below reflects the four dimensions of human personality as identified by psychologist William Moulton Marston. The writing below expresses the distinct characteristics of each personality style, while celebrating the diversity and grandeur of those who have been made in God’s image. The poetic cadence mimics the style of the ancient Hebrew writings known as the creation psalms, while paying homage to the uniqueness and dignity of all God’s children.
Oh, Lord, our God, how resplendent are the works of your hands.
      And, who are we that you would take notice?
      You have created each of us diversely and superbly.
You have made those who embrace challenge; an assembly who strive for excellence.
      Their aim is certain, their actions are decisive;
      Their boldness arises from their confidence in You.
      Their prayer is that you might establish the work of their hands.
So many have you fashioned with the fervor of a fawn that has discovered its legs;
      Racing ahead to embrace new ventures;
      Raising the prospects of great and distant possibilities;
      Running with the wind to fulfill your dreams of a new kingdom.
Others you have appointed as anchors as to steady a ship;
      Their faith is grounded in the certainty of your love;
      Their fidelity beckons others to establish an unshakable trust founded upon your mercy.
You have likewise determined a people who pulse with the precise movements of a fine watch.
      Their methods are exact, their selections are sure,
      Their promises are certain, their motives are pure.
Like the beauty of a clover, all four leaves together represent the balance and harmony of your
      creation. Each one in need of the other in inseparable unity. Each one blessed to be a blessing.
Oh, Lord, our God, how resplendent are the works of your hands in all the world.