My Psalm

O God, you are a mystery to me. You are the invisible one who dwells in the far beyond. You are known and yet unknown; you are near and yet far away. Yet, you break through the darkness and show yourself in my everyday affairs. You hear my prayer when I call out to you. I praise you because you remember me.
O God, take this life of mine and make something of it. I freely offer it to you. Take what is left of my days and make them count for you. Open doors of opportunity to both serve you and honor you. I will praise you for the privilege of participating in the battle to enlarge your kingdom.
God keep my heart open and my mind clear to discern your voice in the noise of each day. Make me to know good from evil and truth from error . Help me to always choose the path less traveled that leads to the abundant life. Rev. Gene Wells 8-27-19
Rev. Gene Wells is Pastor Emeritus of St. Paul Community United Methodist Church.  As a “retired” pastor, he enjoys visiting members, leading Bible studies, and occasional preaching opportunities.  Contact Pastor Gene via email.