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Office Closed until April 30

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Easter Giveaway Candidate – Water Wells in The Congo

One of the ministries the Missions Committee selected to be a candidate for the 2020 Easter Offering Giveaway is drilling waters wells in The Congo.  What do you know about this ministry?


Front Parlor Renovation Made Thanks to Generous Gift

The Trustees have completed a renovation of the Front Parlor including new floors, paint, and furniture and members are raving!  “The Parlor looks awesome!  Keep up the good work,” wrote one worshipper on their connect card.


The Great EGG Drop 2020 Family STEM Event

A FREE family STEM event for all ages, (although kindergarten – 6th grades may enjoy it best). We will have various materials, used and new for each family to make something to protect their raw egg from peril when dropped from the roof of our church by one of our staff members.

Being Different….Is That A Bad Thing?

     The thirteenth chapter of Numbers records one of the few stories in this Old Testament book. The tale is told that Moses sent twelve spies into the land God had promised Israel. Indeed, the land was as God had told them‒‒a land flowing with “milk and honey.” The spies even brought back with them samplings of grapes, pomegranates, and figs.
However, ten of the spies gave a less than hopeful report. This pack of ten told Moses that the people who occupied the land were too numerous and strong to be evicted by the small Israelite army. Amongst other things, the ten spies said, “We saw there the Nephilim…” (Numbers 13:33, CEB). The Nephilim were a folkloric group of giants (see Genesis 6:1-4).


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