Pastor’s Blog – Sept. 7, 2021

     Recently, I came across the story of two friends who stood in a large railway station and watched an express train with the most modern of engines go flying through. “What a powerful engine!” remarked one of them to his friend, who was the manager of the station. ‘Yes!’ said the manager who was a Christian,
“On the rails. But off the rails it is the weakest thing in the world.” And, he added, “how like the Christian! His power lies in communion with Jesus, but when he neglects the path of communion, he is the weakest person in the world.
     Last Sunday, I introduced the concept of living with Jesus as a means toward living like Jesus. John Wesley coined the phrase Means of Grace. The Means of Grace are pathways Christ uses to connect with and infuse in us the power of His Spirit. There exists an unlimited number of means by which Jesus reaches out to us. Today, I wish to share with you the Means of Grace we call Holy Communion.
     Like an engine set on rails Communion provides a mysterious means of living with Jesus. Like all Means of Grace, Communion offers a channel God uses for the purpose of regularly supplying his Church with spiritual power. Theologian, Wayne Grudem, writes:
There is a spiritual union among believers and with the Lord
that is strengthened and solidified at the Lord’s Supper,
and it is not to be taken lightly. Systematic Theology, 954–955
Simply put, The Lord’s Supper is a spiritual conduit that links us with Christ thereby energizing us to live the life of Christ.
     This reality should provide incentive to those who do not see the value in participating routinely in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Unwittingly, they are derailing themselves and weakening their chances of living like Jesus. However, the Conductor is always welcoming weary travelers. Space is still available. The journey of a lifetime is open to everyone.
All aboard!