SPC Kids Lesson – Being Compassionate

Since we aren’t able to meet in person, here is an online version of the lesson we would have taught at St. Paul Kids.  Blow you will find an awesome video by Kelly Getsay and links to a great story on compassion and the take it home sheet for the week.  Be sure to see the challenge at the bottom – how will you be compassionate?

 What is compassion?

 A story of compassion

Check out this story about John’s story.  How’s this for compassion?!?

Your turn – How can you show compassion? 

How can you show compassion this week?  Be creative.  Take a picture and send it to me then I’ll show you next week what everyone came up with.  


Print this life application page for a review of the lesson and some ideas about how you can carry the lesson into the week.