The battle isn’t over but the victory is won

We have hope in the wake of evil because of the victory Jesus won over sin and death.

1 Corinthians 15:55-57, NLT

            On June 6, 1944, the Allied Forces invaded Normandy, France. This military operation was called D-Day. From the perspective of most historians, the defeat of the Nazi regime was inevitable once the Americans, British, and French secured the beaches. To be certain, the war would wage on for yet another year. However, the Allies recognized that the victory of World War II was secured.

            Similar results can be claimed for the crucifixion of Christ. Paul the Apostle argued that Jesus secured victory over sin and death for all of creation through the event of his death. The ground at Calvary is much like that of the sands of Normandy. Both places achieved the certainty of final victory over human oppressors.

            However, the consequences of sin still abound in this world. Jesus cut the head of the Snake off on Good Friday yet the Serpent is still thrashing about, wreaking havoc upon us. The war against Evil still rages on until the Day of Christ’s return.

            This is Good News. Sin and death each have a short shelf life. As the old saying goes, “These things, too, shall pass.” As Christians, we know that God’s story ends well.

            So, the next time you look upon the cross, remember that it doubles as a plus sign. The cross is the most positive indicator that our future victory has been already won. Regardless of how difficult the present battle, hope is on the horizon.