Easter Giveaway Candidate – Water Wells in The Congo

One of the ministries the Missions Committee selected to be a candidate for the 2020 Easter Offering Giveaway is drilling waters wells in The Congo.  What do you know about this ministry?
“We wanted to add a project with international reach,” said Associate Pastor Brian Gath.  “The Inn at St. Paul is a ministry of our congregation.  The NEEDS Food Pantry is a ministry of our community.  This well project reaches across the world.”
The project is a ministry of UMCOR – the United Methodist Community on Relief and extends work already being done in the country including the Wings of the Morning medical evacuation air transport ministry, and many thriving local congregations.
The United Methodist Church has numerous mission stations throughout the remote villages of Central Congo. These villages do not have fresh water and people suffer from a variety of diseases due to bacteria infected river water used for bathing, washing, drinking, and fishing. Fresh water is imperative for the health of all people and a basic human needs.
With the goal to dig a new well each year, these remote villages will have water that will significantly reduce river diseases, and other medical problems.
These wells will bring not only fresh water but also a hygiene and sanitation program, in each UM mission station village in the Central Congo Episcopal Area. This will enhance the quality of life, reduce disease, and encourage economic development.
Due to the great difficult involved in transporting drilling equipment around this country, the cost for each well is budgeted at $55,000, $5000 of which is provided by the village that benefits.
For more information about this project, contact Dr. Adolphe Yamba Yamba.
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