How to become an Associate Member of Thrivent

There are many benefits to becoming a Thrivent Member including the ability to start a Thrivent Action Team.  Action Teams are designed to help Christians to live generously.  Approved action teams receive promotional resources and seed money to jump-start your fundraiser, educational event or service project. Your team provides the people power to bring it to life.
You can become a member by purchasing a qualifying product from Thrivent Financial or by paying an annual fee of $19.95 to become an Associate Member.  All adults and children sixteen years old or older who are Christians seeking to live out their faith, or spouses of Christians seeking to live out their faith are eligible to become an Associate Member and start an Action Team.

To become an Associate Member, follow these steps.

By paper: 
You can print and fill out this Membership Application and then mail it in along with payment of $19.95.
1.  Go to the online membership application here.  You will be taken to a page that looks like this:
2. Select “I am new to Thrivent Financial,” then press “CONTINUE”.  That will take you to a page where you can fill in your information.  It looks like this:
3.  Fill out your personal information.  Select either “I am a Christian, seeking to live out my faith” or “I am the spouse of a Christian who seeks to live out their faith”.
  • Under “Church Name”, list St. Paul Community United Methodist Church
  • In the box for “Local Representative”, you can put David Eickman.
  • Select your preferred method for paying your annual membership fee.  You can choose to have the money withdrawn from a checking or savings account or charged to a debit or credit card.
  • Click continue and you will be taken to a confirmation page that looks like this:
4.  Confirm the information you entered and click “Submit”.  You will see a thank you message that looks like this:
5. After you submit your application, you will quickly receive an email acknowledging your application.  It looks like this:
6.  About a week later, you will receive an email thanking you for “connecting with Thrivent”.  This lets you know that things are progressing.  It looks like this:
7.  Finally a few days later you will receive an email with your membership number.  This is the information you need to register for an online Thrivent account and apply for an action team.  This email with membership number looks like this:

Once you have a membership number

Once you have received a membership number you can register online and then apply for an action team.